Juggling Work and Pregnancy

Juggling Work and Pregnancy

Juggling Work and Pregnancy – Pregnancy is a tough time for the mom-to-be irrespective of whether she is a working woman or not. However working women have it tougher since they have responsibilities at home and at work to take care of. It is important for a working woman to take especial care of herself so her baby is able to grow and develop properly. Here are a few tips for pregnant working women:

Juggling Work and Pregnancy
Juggling Work and Pregnancy

Eat Healthy

A pregnant woman has to take especial care of her diet. It is best to eat at least three to five healthy meals a day. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables, soya, lentils, sprouts, yoghurt, milk, cheese, egg and dairy products is advisable. Omega-3 and Folate supplements and at least three to four servings of calcium per day are recommended. A pregnant working woman should always carry her own snacks with her as eating out too frequently is not a healthy option.

Drink a lot of water and fresh juices

Drinking a lot of water and fresh juices keeps you hydrated and helps prevent bouts of nausea and cramps. Make sure your water intake is of at least eight glasses every day in addition to your consumption of fresh fruit juices.

Manage Stress Levels

There is always a certain amount of stress at the workplace, and it is important for a pregnant woman to manage stress levels as taking too much stress could adversely affect the baby. A pregnant working woman can manage stress levels by taking short breaks every now and then and doing breathing exercises. If things seem to be getting out of hand and stress levels are rising, it is best that the working mother take a break or starts her maternity leave early. After all there is nothing more important than the mother and baby’s health. Always make sure you have your priorities set rightly.

Organize Yourself

During pregnancy, a working woman might find herself swamped with work at office and at home. It is easy to get overwhelmed and sometimes you might panic thinking of all the work that needs to be done. However the tip is to stay organized. Maintain a to-do list at work as well as at home and go about your work systematically.

Time Management

Effective time management is the key to getting things done. Allot yourself small time slots to accomplish each task and then try to get the task done within the set time. Take small breaks to keep yourself relaxed. At the end of each day reward yourself with some healthy snacks for getting through all the tasks that you had to achieve during the day.

Sleep for at least ten to eleven hour

Sleep is one of the most important things a mother can do for her unborn child. When you sleep well, it gives time for your body to relax and your baby to grow within you. Proper sleep ensures good blood flow to the baby and also helps prevent swelling in the mother’s body. When an expecting woman sleeps, she should remember to put her feet up as this reduces any swelling in her legs and feet.

Light Exercise

Take a small walk around the office every now and then. This will help prevent varicose veins, swelling and blood clots. Do not do any heavy exercise or lift heavy items. You could follow a light exercise regime which may include some light stretches but avoid doing anything too strenuous. Breathing exercises are the best as they help keep the mom-to-be relaxed.

Avoid Alcohol and smoking

Smoking is injurious for the health of both the mother and the baby. In offices there is a chance that others around you are smoking but it is important that you avoid second hand smoke. Also, do not consume alcohol as even small amounts can cause Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (FAS) which is characterized by birth defects and severe retardation.

Avoid taking the stairs

Always opt to use the lift as opposed to climbing the stairs. Climbing the stairs could be strenuous exercise for you which will just leave you short of breath and will also exhaust you leaving you with little or no energy to get down to work at office. Taking the stairs is likely to make you less productive at the office so do not stress yourself out. Simply take the lift or the escalator. In case there is no lift or if it is out of order, then climb the stairs very slowly and take frequent breaks, inhaling and exhaling deeply as you go.

Emergency Number

Make sure to write down an emergency number and keep it on your desk at office as well as in your hand bag. You never know, your health may take a turn for the worst and you may need urgent care under which circumstance an emergency number such as that of your husband’s or of a friend should always be handy and easily available to anyone who reaches out to help you.

Plan Your Maternity Leave

When it’s time for you to give birth, it’s also time for you to take your maternity leave and be off work. Plan your maternity leave by making sure that you wrap up all important tasks at work well before your due date. Make sure you have sent all necessary emails and completed all projects that require completion. Mark out any tasks that need to be done in your absence and make sure you handover the tasks well in advance, leaving time for any queries to come in. The better planned your maternity leave is the more relaxed you will be.

Every working woman who is pregnant needs to make her own and the health of her baby her very first priority. Anything that compels her to compromise on her health or her baby’s health needs to be curtailed or outright avoided. It is important for a working woman to focus on her work as well as her household, but before either of the two comes her own health and that of her baby’s.

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