Is it Safe to Dye My Hair When I’m Pregnant

Is it Safe to Dye My Hair When I’m Pregnant?

So you’re pregnant (congrats) and you are wondering if you can still keep those roots from showing. The answer to your question is not a simple one. Most conservative health care providers (and be sure to ask yours for advice as well) recommend that women do not dye their hair during the first trimester. By the second trimester, baby is far less vulnerable.

1. If you feel Comfortable then go for Hair Dye

A few doctors recommend avoiding dye altogether, but this writer could find no studies to support this level of caution. However, follow your gut. If you are nervous about dying your hair, then don’t. The stress you experience could cause more harm to baby than the hair dye.

2. Studies show NO Negative Effect of Dye

Studies done on animals have not shown any negative effects. And though thousands, if not millions, of women have dyed their hair while pregnant, no one has reported any problems.

People who are concerned are usually cautious because there is the possibility that a woman could absorb some of the dye through her skin, and it could eventually reach baby. For this reason, some people limit their hair to highlights, as the highlighting process doesn’t usually bring the dye into contact with the scalp. Either way, very little, if any, of the dye is absorbed through the skin.

3. If You are Concerned then Book an Expert Salon Service

Beyond the absorption possibility, some people are concerned that inhaling the chemical fumes could endanger baby. If you are worried about this, be sure to find a salon with good ventilation. You should not find the “fumes” overwhelming, even when the dye is on your own head.

Is it Safe to Dye My Hair When I’m Pregnant
Is it Safe to Dye My Hair When I’m Pregnant

4. Henna Natural Hair Dye

Some women try using henna to color their hair during pregnancy. Henna is an all-natural plant-based dye that has been around for centuries. However, coloring your hair with henna is an adventure! Your hair often won’t come out the color you planned on. (Though I’ve yet to hear anyone say that henna turned her hair gray.) If you are the adventurous type, contact a local henna artist for some help. Beware of other products that claim to be all-natural. Anyone can slap an “all-natural” label on a box, so it is always important to read the ingredients.

Some people are afraid that hair color won’t “take” or will not produce consistent results due to a pregnant woman’s hormones. While this is certainly possible, it is also improbable thanks to hair color technology.

5. Hairstylist Continue Working while they are Pregnant

It is also worthwhile to consider that nearly all stylists continue to work while they are pregnant. They are not taught in beauty school to take nine months off from work, in case their products come in contact with their skin or are inhaled. This is probably a pretty good sign that these products are safe.

6. Always Consult Your Doctor where you feel Risk

As always, talk to your own doctor. If yours is a high-risk pregnancy, then the answers to your questions may be different. Also talk to other women you know, and to your stylist. Then make the best informed decision you can, based on what is best for both you and baby.

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