32nd Week of Pregnancy

32nd Week of Pregnancy!

You are now 32 weeks pregnant; congratulations! You are almost at the end of your pregnancy and probably have a closet filled with trendy maternity clothes that you won’t get to wear much longer. Now that you’ve gone through all these months of pregnancy, you are probably wondering what’s to come. What more could possibly change in your body during your 32nd week of pregnancy? Well, your baby is still growing and developing, so you will still feel changes in your body and this is exactly what we will be discussing here. Read below to learn more about what to expect when you are 32 weeks pregnant!

1. Baby Movements

By now you’ve probably been feeling your baby kick and move in your belly; this is going to keep on happening and you might even start feeling harder kicks. While feeling your own baby move inside you can be a uniquely magical feeling, it can also be a tad uncomfortable when baby decides to run a marathon in the middle of the night. However, this is a good sign; your baby is getting stronger and more mobile, which are two signs of good development.

2. Weight Gain

Another thing you will notice at 32 weeks pregnant is weight gain. Both you and your baby and gaining weight at this point and you can expect to gain at least a pound a week until the birth of your baby. This may be a bit discouraging for your lovely pregnant figure, but it is important for your baby to bulk up a bit before coming in the real world. What’s important is to stay healthy and keep eating nutritious foods and do exercise (as much as your body allows you to – it may start being a bit hard to move around!) to keep your baby healthy as well.

32nd Week of Pregnancy
32nd Week of Pregnancy

3. Breathing and Lower Back Pain

Now, let’s look at some more undesirable side effects of being 32 weeks pregnant. Your baby is growing, which is stretching your uterus. Your uterus is now putting intense pressure on your diaphragm, so you may start experiencing shortness of breath; the pressure on the stomach may also cause heartburn. The weight gain and the uterus pressure can also cause uncomfortable lower back pains. While most women experience lower back pains, it is important to let your doctor know about them; pre-term labor often manifests itself with that kind of pain, so you want to make sure that everything is under control.

4. Don’t Skip the Doctor

So you are now 32 weeks pregnant; and you now know a bit more about what is coming your way in terms of body changes and ‘side-effects’. By now you are probably seeing your gynecologist regularly and getting excited for baby’s arrival; relax and enjoy your last few weeks of pregnancy!

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