18th Week of Pregnancy

18th Week of Pregnancy

What now? You are 18 weeks pregnant, you just went through the horrible pregnancy symptoms of the first trimester and now you are wondering what other changes will happen in your body and what you should be expecting at this stage of your pregnancy. At 18 weeks pregnant, you are most likely halfway through your pregnancy; you are done with the morning sickness and other symptoms of the like and you are now starting to experience the traditional discomforts associated with pregnancy, such as swollen ankles, fatigue, stretch marks, etc. Read below to find out more about what’s about to come!

1. Baby Movement and Growth

Once you reach the 18 weeks mark, your baby is most likely measuring around 5 and a half inches and he or she will keep growing! The baby keeps developing week after week and at this point you will start feeling the baby’s movements! Those movements you are feeling are simply your baby moving his little arms and legs – you will learn to recognize those ‘kicks’ and get to know your baby through those movements you feel in your belly.

2. Increased Hunger – stick with Rich Nutrients

18 weeks is also the time where you will start experiencing all those weird cravings and an increase in hunger. Many moms-to-be make the mistake of munching on empty calories simply to satisfy their cravings, but it is important for you to think about your baby and eat good foods to feed yourself and your baby properly. Try sticking to foods that are rich in nutrients and proteins, such as fruits and vegetables, chicken, etc. Your belly will also be expanding and you want to be careful not to put on useless weight but to stay healthy – not only will this help you not have so much weight to lose after the birth but it will also help you provide your baby with a comfortable environment to grow in.

18th Week of Pregnancy
18th Week of Pregnancy

3. Checkups & Lab Tests

This part of your pregnancy is also the time where your doctor will most likely order a battery of pre-natal tests to make sure that your baby is healthy and has no defects or issues. This time can be quite overwhelming for many parents-to-be but it is important to stay calm, as stress can affect your baby at this stage. Make sure to do regular check-ups with with your OBGYN and undergo all testing recommended. You will also have to schedule an ultrasound – if that’s not already done – to see what your baby looks like!

4. 18th Week Excitement

Being 18 weeks pregnant is an accomplishment in itself and you should be getting excited about your growing belly, your new maternity clothes and the arriving birth of your new child! At this point in your pregnancy, you need to think for two, eat for two and do everything with consideration – your child can now hear sounds, move his members and suck his thumb. You will need to rest, stay healthy and take care of yourself to promote the good health and development of your child.

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