Save Your Kid from Child Abuse

Save Your Kid from Child Abuse

Do you ever try to know what is happening inside your child and what thing is making them stressful?

Did you ever tried to knock the door of your child’s heart and ask what is going inside them?

To have a clear picture related to abuse there are some of the abused that is commonly found in our children are mentioned in detail as under.

1. Challenges for Parents in Protecting their Children

Well, today it is a fast and modern world and there are different challenges that the parents have to face in terms of safety and security of their children protecting them from abuse. It is the responsibility of parents to aware their children from different threats and abuses. This is also the fact that children are not aware of everything and not even mature to handle such situations.

Save Your Kid from Child Abuse
Save Your Kid from Child Abuse

2. Speak to Your Children

Remember one thing if you will break the ice with your children by talking about the sensitive issues so that is how you will protect and aware them about different things which only the parents can do. Be your child’s best friend and make them feel comfortable. You must speak to your child about all the topics right from their childhood so they will get used to speaking to you and they will also inform you instantly if anything goes wrong with them or if anyone even pinches them.

3. Speak to Children When they are ready to Listen

The first thing which you must keep in your mind is that never force your child to listen what you are saying and never give them an order. Just try to understand their mood and give them time when they are ready to listen and they are ready to talk about the sensitive issues. If you will force them they will sit but will not understand and they will not participate in the communication or not even share their experiences with you.

4. Let you Child Share their Thoughts and Experiences

If you want to protect and secure your child from a storm so let them speak up and give them a chance to share what is in their mind. Sometimes children do not understand if anything is going wrong with them and this is the time in which they must know what is happening with them so it is the parent’s duty to tell their children just share what is going on with you so that is how they will speak up. You have to tell them all the realities of life and people around them are not good. So whether it is a boy or a girl they must be careful in every step. Give a confidence to your child if anything goes wrong with them or they feel something vied they must inform the parents.

5. Share People’s Experiences to explain your Children

Sit with your child. Give enough time to your child and try to share different experiences of people and their stories to clear the concept of your children if anything goes wrong or if anyone says anything bad just share with us. Give confidence to your children that you are with your child in every phase of life. Tell them to share their experience with you in daily routine.

6. Tell them to Say NO to People

Give your child a confidence and make them strong if anyone says anything to them which they think is not right or irritates them so they must say NO to them. The child does not have to be afraid of anyone. Just come and share with you. Your children must be confident on you that if I will come to my parents they will listen and they will motivate us. Tell your child that they must say NO if anyone is playing with you in a wrong way, touching, hugging, kissing, hurting or anything which is out of sight. Don’t let anyone cross the limits.

Parents, you must understand the psychology of your child. If your child does not want to kiss anyone so tell them to shake hands. Don’t force your child to do it. If they are not comfortable just don’t give them hard time now. Make the other person understands as well if the child does not want to hug or kiss him it’s ok never mind. So the person will not feel like insulting at all.

If anyone touches your secret part of the body or took any of your personal things so you must take action instead of getting scared of that person that he/she will reveal your secret. First, tell your parents and make them your friends and share it openly with them.

7. Explain the Meaning of Privacy to Your Children

Everyone in this world has a right to have privacy in its dressing, bathing, changing clothes and also doing their personal activities. This is the rule in all the families as well and no one can’t interrupt the other person when they are doing something in privacy. If any of the member or children do not respect these rights so the head of the family parents must explain the rules and make it clear to the one. The elder children do not have a right to make a joke on their younger children’s privacy. All the family members are equal and have their own privacy.

Many children do not tell anything to their parents because they are keeping things secret. The children do not know how dangerous and insecure this word secret is for them. They are not keeping the wrong things secret but they are making things terrible for themselves. It is the responsibility of all the parents out there to make it clear in your children’s mind that never keep those things in secret that are wrong and never let other person misuses your children.

Now, this is the time for all the parents to judge where you all are standing. Are all the parents giving awareness to their children related to different things? Do you know your children completely? Think about it.

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