Safety Tips for Infants

Safety Tips for Infants

Infants learn by exploring with their bodies. Young children do not learn simply by being told something. They discover meaning. It is important that they have as many chances to explore and learn as possible. They must do this exploring in an environment that is safe. It is the family day care provider’s challenge to encourage infants to learn by exploring and to provide a safe environment. Keep the following safety tips in mind.

Safety Tips for Infants
Safety Tips for Infants
  • Infants try to put everything in their mouths. Watch for small objects that can fit in infants’ mouths. Children under the age of 3 years should not be allowed to handle small objects because of the danger of accidental choking.
  • Keep all poisonous substances out of the reach of young children. This includes cleaning products and house plants.
  • Be sure to wash objects that children put in their mouths. Many toys and rattles can be cleaned in the dishwasher.
  • Each infant should have a safe crib or playpen to rest and sleep in.
  • Always use the safety straps in infant seats and other furniture. Use federally approved child restraint systems when transporting an infant in a car.

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