Potty Training Tips

Potty Training Tips for Kids

Who ever said Potty Training was easy? There is only one thing for sure, you can’t push your child to want to go potty. All children develop differently and when they are ready, you will know. They key to potty training is patience and by the time your child is ready to start, you would have learned a lot of what that means. Do not worry if you think your child is behind, because before you know it they will be going all the time and you will be thinking they grew up too fast!

Potty Training Tips
Potty Training Tips

Following are some early signs of showing interest in the potty.

  • Your child wants to go when you go
  • Your child will sit on the potty and point to the potty
  • Your child will let you know when they need to be changed

These signs are early interest and you will probably want to start talking and keep them involved in the potty situation. These are just signs that they are ready for the Potty-Training Process. Sometimes children go through what I call the False Interest Process. They are
interested and maybe even use it a couple of times, and then all of a sudden they don’t want to have nothing to do with it for 6 months. This is all fine, as long as you keep pursuing teaching them. Little children take in our words and eventually they will take up the interest again.

Potty Training Tips

  • Make Potty Training A Game-You can buy a game, or you can try to invent something yourself. Put a floating fish in the potty and get a little boy to aim at it. For a girl, make her sit like its a throne and she can play princess.
  • Offer Rewards- Give your child a penny or a quarter for their piggy bank every time they do go.
  • Take them to the bathroom with you. If you have a boy, let them go every time daddy goes and he can watch what daddy does. Little ones always want to be like their parents
  • Read them a potty training book. Even let them read it while they are sitting on the potty! Encourage your child to be “A Big Boy or Girl.”

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