How to Tell Your Child How Baby is Born

How to Tell Your Child How Baby is Born

Do you know there are some topics that are really difficult to explain and when your child has grown up will surely ask you a lot of questions? These questions can be of any type and any category. But it is very difficult for parents to answer such questions which you cannot explain to your children and they want to know the answer.

Let me tell you one thing when you talk to your child related to the second baby so they will one day ask you the question how the babies are made? How will you get the baby? How will the baby come to the mother? Let me tell you a real story of my child…

“One day I and my son were watching a movie. Suddenly a couple was blessed with the baby girl and they were really happy but the mother was on the bed. My son started asking the question from where the baby comes. What is wrong with the lady? Why she came to the hospital to get the baby?

How to Tell Your Child How Baby is Born
How to Tell Your Child How Baby is Born

I can’t tell you it was really difficult for me to answer my child like what should I say. I was trying to satisfy my child and was answering those questions but one by one question was coming out. It was not his fault that he was asking the question, but I was not prepared to answer those questions”.

There are some ways to answer such question and by using them you can find the best answer and can easily explain it to your child.

1. Try to Understand What Child wants to know

First of all, if your child asks you a question related to the baby’s birth so try to understand what the child wants to know. Many parents start giving all the detail to children and started telling them the thing which is not important for them. Try to give such information which is needed.

2. Don’t be Rash on Your Child’s Question

This is a fact that if the child wants to ask something related to any topic they will surely come to their parents. They have no idea what they are asking or whether they should ask the question or not but they only want to know whatever comes in their mind. Never be rash on your child if the child asks any type of question which is right or not just tries to understand the meaning and clear them in a simple way.

If you will start shouting on your child they will ask someone else and you have no idea how openly another person will tell them and the children will never ask anything to the parents again and will find the substitute for their questions. So the best way to satisfy your children is to tell them in a simple way.

For example

My friend’s daughter asked her mother how we get the baby and I want to see how the baby comes. Well, she was asking a normal question and you know what my friend satisfy her daughter very positively. She said that God will tell mother when the baby will come and when I will wake up in the morning the baby will be next to me. That is how mama will get the baby and mama will also not see when the baby will come”.

3. Give Importance to Your Child’s Question

When the children ask any type of pregnancy or labor questions to parents it is normal and nothing is so surprising. When the children grow up parents should be mentally prepared for such questions. The best thing is that parents should do research firstly that one day the child will ask any type of labor or pregnancy question. Make sure your child gets satisfied from your answer and do not ask the question again because it is the parents who can answer in the perfect way and by covering several points.

4. Don’t tell a Lie

There are some parents started making fake stories. Never misguide your child and try to tell them the reality but don’t tell them openly. If the children ask that the baby is in my mother’s tummy don’t say no. Tell them yes. If you will tell a lie and later on they will hear from someone else so it will Crete really bad impression on your children’s mind.

5. Read in Books or Search for Better Solutions

Books and the internet are the best guides for parents who want to find the best solution for their children’s question. If you are worried about their questions and how to tackle your children mind when asking the pregnancy related question. Now there are different ways to find the best answer and by using these books and articles you can easily find the answer and you can also satisfy them in a better and advance way.

6. Try to Give Examples to Your Children

The best way to explain the things to your child is to use the different example and try to clear them in a simple and easy way.

For example

If your children wants to know how the babies are made and what is the way to come out so tell them by using an example like if someone wants the baby they will pray to God and they will do efforts and when they will have a baby there is a fix time period in which the will be come out from the mother’s tummy. If they ask the mother about how the baby will come so, in that case, make them clear by giving an example about the big mother’s tummy.

7. Don’t Hesitate While Talking to your Children

When you are about to talk to your children about pregnancy or and personal matter related to baby never hesitate or do not feel shame while talking to your children. Remember this is the fact of life and one day our children will come to know the reality of life. So never hesitate or feel bad while answering the questions of your children.

Remember you were also a child and had a lot of questions related to how we get the babies. Encourage their question, tell them the truth. It is my personal opinion while telling a complete truth openly, it may also stimulate kids to think of sex before they are 15. However, I will encourage you to participate in the discussion and tell how do you talk to your kids when you are asked this question.

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