Common Reason for Suicide in Teens
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Common Reason for Suicide in Teens

Have your experience a day in your life when you wanted to die? When there is no hope and you feel like no direction of your career, you’re disappointed and embarrassed while people points at you. Usha was suffering from severe depression. Usha admitted to medical university was one of few students selected in one of the best universities in the city. But one day her friends saw her body hanging in the room suddenly shocked. Nobody knows, what is the main reason behind her suicide? I have been listening to such suicide stories commonly in teens and ratio of which is increasing day by day. Let’s explore few important reason of teenage suicides.

Teenage…The Age of Happiness in Life

This is really surprising when we hear about the suicide of a teenage. This is the age in which they only enjoy ever moment of their life. But the question is that what makes them taking this severe step. Or we can say the situation makes them simply mad and they suffer a lot of pain which results in a suicide.

Common Reason for Suicide in Teens
Common Reason for Suicide in Teens

Do you Think Suicide is the Solution?

NO… Suicide is not the solution to every problem. Weak people commit suicide and strong people fight against the problem. So try to be strong and fight with the problems of life.

Reason for Teen’s Suicide

Well, when it comes to suicide there are many situations which make a person take such terrible step which is the suicide to get relief from all pains and everything.

Let’s have a look at some of the causes which make the teenage commit suicide

1) Emotional Cause

Today parents are so busy and they do not have time for their own children. They do not realize that how much their children need them. They want their parents to become their friends but today’s parents are so busy in their own enjoinment. The teenage children are no doubt very emotional and they want guidance from their parents and want to a direction to move on. Most of the teenagers think that they have nowhere to go and their life is hopeless. They think that suicide is the only solution which is not.

They feel that they have no control in their life. They want to get rid of pain, fear, people’s rejection, hurt from their love and neglected by people.

2) Environmental Cause

The environmental cause includes suddenly change the environment which changes the life that includes break up after a serious relationship or being neglected by parents etc.

“There was a girl and she was the student of high school. She always took good marks. Her parents were very strict about her education. She was having friends and used to go out with them in the evening. The parents said we will not tolerate the bad result. She got failed in her Mathematics test and commit suicide.

3) Mental Illness

Well, we can say nowadays the mental illness is very commonly found in teens. They have involved in depression, hypertension, bipolar disorder and the disorder of borderline personality.

4) Financial Cause

The financial reason of suicide is very common and many people commit suicide due to their financial problem. Many people are stuck in their financial crisis and have no way out that is why due to their liabilities they are pressurized and commit suicide. While the teenage boys and girls are being blackmailed and due to lack of finance, they have no way out apart from suicide.

5) Sexually Abused

The ratio of suicide due to sexual abused is now very increased. They have no one to speak with and they are being tortured and abused by people. There are some teens who discuss it with their friends but later and some are scared due to the threat by another person and they do not speak up the reality. In the sexual abuse, they face a lot of physical violence and physical torture. This is true after having sexual abuse the person become so much frustrated and find no way out except suicide.

6) Domestic Abuse

There are some teens who are the victims of domestic abuse. Domestic abuse damages the self-confidence of a person and they are not able to develop their self-confidence again. This includes violence, neglect and they are blamed for every single thing which is going wrong in the family. Sometimes they are not the victims but are the witnesses and also getting abused for that. This affects the thinking of a person and them only thing whatever is happening wrong is only because of them and that is what makes them taking the step of a suicide.

7) Drugs and Alcohol Addiction

Nowadays you can see that small teenage girls and boys are addicted to drugs and alcohol. Some of them are running away from their life and find a relief when they use drugs or alcohol. But they have no idea that the addiction of drugs and alcohol not only damages the internal body part and organs but also the level of thinking starts damaging. Our brain does not work when we are drunk and took drugs and you can see many addict people commit suicide when they are drunk or took drugs. The reason is most of them hate their life and want to get rid of this life. Do you think this is the solution?

8) Heart Breaking

When people have breakups they do not think about anything in this world they only think about that person to whom they were very close. They do not think about their parents and family. They only take this step by thinking that I can’t live without my love and if the love has cheated they also commit suicide. But this is not the right way. If anyone comes and goes life goes on.

9) Stress

Well, there are many reasons for stress and no doubt many people are living a stressful life and have no way out instead of suicide. Teenage people cannot face the stress that much. Most have a stressful environment in their house, financial stress is also a major reason etc. But they must find the way out.

Why don’t they talk with their Parents when frustrated?

Most of the parents do not care for their children and they have their own life which is WRONG. When you have children give priority to them and become your child’s best friend. That is how they will confidently share everything and all of their problems with their parents. Parents have to take the step…

Who is Responsible for teenage Suicide?

When you will have a relaxing atmosphere at your home and you will become a friend of your child so your child will tell you everything and share their entire problem with you. So this is the parent’s responsibility to hold their children’s hand and take them out of that zone and do not let them take the step of SUICIDE.

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