Activities To-Do with Infants

Activities To-Do with Infants

Some infants are very quiet and sleep a lot. Other infants are very active. Accepting these differences will make it easier to take care of infants and help them grow and develop.


  • Talk and sing to the babies when you feed, diaper, and clean them.
  • Imitate the sounds that the babies make.
  • Point to and say the names of the babies’ mouth, ears, nose, fingers, etc.
  • Place toys and other colorful objects where babies can see and/or touch them.
  • Shake a rattle behind a baby’s head and let the baby turn and grab the rattle.
  • When you hold or rock the baby, sing lullabies or other soothing songs.
  • Place babies in different positions. For example, place them on their stomach so they can practice lifting their head and rolling over.
  • Encourage hand clasping and kicking.
  • Take care of babies’ needs promptly. (For example, feed a hungry baby or comfort a scared baby.)


  • Play peekaboo or other games in which you disappear and reappear.
  • Give babies a safe place where they can crawl, creep, and pull themselves up.
  • Roll a ball or place a toy where babies have to reach or crawl for it.
  • Give babies toys that squeak.
  • Give babies teething toys.
  • Read aloud books that have large pictures and not much writing.
  • Talk to babies and name objects as you and the babies handle them.
  • Begin to teach what is allowed and what is not allowed.
  • Do not force baby to interact with strangers.
  • When babies indicate that they want help, provide it.
  • Rock and hold babies when they are upset.
  • Let babies fill containers with objects and then dump them out.
  • Change toys often when babies get bored with them.
Activities To-Do with Infants
Activities To-Do with Infants

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