Low Carb Diet FAQ Question & Answers

Low Carb Diet FAQ Question & Answers

Low Carb Diet FAQs, Questions and Answers.

We answer some of the very common Low Carb Diet FAQs, Questions and Answers.

1. How much weight can I expect to lose?

The amount of weight loss that occurs from low carb dieting varies from individual to individual. The more obese you are the more weight you will loose initially because of all of the water that is the first to leave the body from low carb dieting. The amount of weight that you start burning after that initial period will slow down because then only fat will be burned. After a few more weeks on the low carb diet your weight will then level off and you can expect to lose about one to two pounds per week. As you reach your target weight, the slower the weight loss becomes.

2. How am I supposed to control those carb cravings?

It is totally normal to crave carbohydrates in the early stages of low carb dieting. In order to cope with these carb cravings then you should have snacks throughout the day to help curb your appetite. So long as you are eating regularly and are not skipping meals then healthy low carb snacks like peanut butter or cheese will be just what you need to control the urge for carbs. If you just cannot stand it any longer and you must have something inappropriate like cake or ice cream then by all means have a taste, but only a taste! Do not go out and buy a half gallon of ice cream or an entire cake.

3. My children are overweight, can I put them on a low carb diet?

No. Children have different nutritional needs than adults and if they are overweight it is important not to restrict starchy foods like potatoes and breads. Children also need lots of milk and cereals. Of course your kids can start eating healthier but it is up to you as parents to limit the amount that they eat at each serving and of course keep sugary snacks to a minimum.

Low Carb Diet FAQ Question & Answers
Low Carb Diet FAQ Question & Answers

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