How to Think Like a Non-Smoker

How to Think Like a Non-Smoker

So how do I think like a Non-Smoker ? Almost everyone who smokes understands the serious health consequences involved, and how addictive the habit is. A sign of the powerful nature of a cigarette addiction is that almost all smokers, when you ask them, say they would like to quit smoking. And yet, of course, they continue to smoke. To quit smoking is a difficult thing and a serious undertaking. With the exception of a few lucky people, to quit smoking requires a multi-faceted plan and mental dedication. One of the hardest things that people run into when they try to quit smoking is being able to summon the willpower to stay smoke free, especially when around other smokers or in situations that they associate with smoking.

1. Early Challenge When You First Quit Smoking

When you first quit smoking you should do your best to avoid prolonged social situations where you can smoke and are surrounded by smokers. Inevitably, though, a time will come where you will be tested. Every ex-smoker’s fear is the first time you are offered a cigarette or drag by an unaware friend. One of the best willpower ticks to deal with this is to think of yourself as a non-smoker. So as soon as you quit – even if you only quit yesterday – define yourself as a non-smoker. When someone offers you a cigarette, you should be able to easily say “no thanks, I don’t smoke.” In a similar way, when you find yourself craving a cigarette, think to yourself “why do I want a cigarette? I don’t smoke.”

2. Mentally Define Yourself as a Non-Smoker

Although this trick may seem a little silly, it can work wonders. The reason it is effective is because a smoking addiction has a serious psychological component, and if you’ve smoked for many years a large part of how you define yourself is through smoking. You think of yourself as a “smoker” even after you’ve quit. If you don’t employ some mental tricks to try and break this habit, you’ll find a return to cigarettes much more tempting and logical – if deep down you’re still thinking of yourself as a smoker, then it will entirely make sense to you that you occasionally crave, or even have, a cigarette.

How to Think Like a Non-Smoker
How to Think Like a Non-Smoker

3. Keep Your Will Power Strong

Mental tricks like this are important in maintaining your willpower when trying to quit smoking. Unlike like a chemical addiction to an illegal substance, or one that is socially unacceptable, a smoking addiction is very difficult to break because you are being constantly tempted: you see smoking ads in magazines and people smoking in the movies. When you go out to a bar or restaurant there will be people smoking.

4. Strategy to Keep Yourself Non-Smoker

As a smoker who is trying to quit, you will be faced with these sorts of temptations each and every day, and it is imperative that you come up with a mental strategy for dealing with them. One of the most effective mental tricks in your arsenal should, therefore, be the idea that you become an instant non-smoker the minute you butt out your last cigarette. This will do wonders for you willpower, and greatly increase you overall chances for success in your attempt to quit smoking.

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