How to Prepare Raw Food

How to Prepare Raw Food

How to prepare raw food ? There are many easy recipes available, in books and on the internet, for raw food meals, snacks, and desserts. A raw food diet can be a lot of work; so fortunately, there are many restaurants that cater to raw food enthusiasts which will allow you to take a break.

1. Combination of Fruits, Vegetables and Sprouted Grains

You can combine fruits and vegetables with various sprouted grains in order to have breads, crackers, and desserts, so you will not feel deprived. It can be difficult to be eating differently from everyone around you, so a variety of fun and different foods can make this easier for you.

2. Prepare Things in Advance as much as possible

When you begin a raw food diet, it may feel time consuming to spend a lot of time preparing food. It does take a lot of time. One way to make it more efficient is to prepare as much in advance or on the weekend as possible. As you get more used to your diet, it will become more efficient. (Be sure not to juice your juice in advance though – juice fresh from the juicer tastes much better, and many home made juices and smoothies will ferment if left to their own devices).

3. Most Raw Foods are Easy to Prepare

Most raw foods are easy to prepare, although they take time and planning ahead. You simply cut a fruit or vegetable up and eat it. For some sprouts and seeds, you need to soak the seeds in water overnight to eat them in the morning. If you have a juicer, many combinations of fresh fruits and vegetables can be delicious while still being raw.

How to Prepare Raw Food
How to Prepare Raw Food

4. Using a Dehydrator

On a raw food diet, you can still make breads and crackers using a dehydrator. You need wheat or rye grains, which you will sprout overnight, and then you can add ingredients to the grains such as peppers, dates, carrot juice, or other flavors. You then put the mixture in the dehydrator and allow your bread or cracker to dehydrate until it reaches a texture that you like. Or you can make a fruit crisp without cooking by slicing up apples and using sprouted oats as a topping. To this you could add cinnamon for a bit of a familiar flavor. A raw food diet can be very creative in ways of mixing flavors to provide pleasing tastes and textures. For more recipe ideas, there are many online message boards for raw foodists.

5. Delicious Smoothies

You can also make many delicious smoothies by mixing water or juice with berries and fruit for a breakfast or dessert smoothie, or by mixing carrot juice with tomatoes and some green vegetables for a healthy lunch.

6. Sushi Rolls

There are many recipes for this and other foods such as sushi rolls and various dips available online and in books. It can take a lot longer to prepare food when done this way, and you may find at the beginning that most of your time is spent making yourself food, but remember that it is still important to eat a variety of foods, not just what is easiest.

7. Salad for Lunch

For a lunch, making your own bread and packing a salad can be an easy way to take lunch to work, or you can order a simple salad with no dressing at a restaurant.

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