How to Deal with Disappointment of Infertility

How to Deal with Disappointment of Infertility

I am mentioning very essential things that can help you deal with your disappointment and stress of infertility. You and your partner are trying to conceive a baby and you have been trying but unable to succeed. You mention this thing to your friends and family that you’re trying. You’ll almost for sure to hear. Someone say, “Just relax and it will happen.” However, by the time, as time passes you feel stress. Stress can weaken your physical and mental strength. Research claims that stress is the main reason behind infertility. Stress and disappointment are natural if you’re unable to conceive after more than a couple of years while you and your partner have been trying to conceive a baby. However, it can be managed in certain ways.

How to Deal with Disappointment of Infertility
How to Deal with Disappointment of Infertility

1. Stop Blaming yourself – or each other. Most important thing to remember is it is not because of yourself or your partner you’re not getting pregnant. Since it is quite natural many times. You keep on trying without success. Realize that there can be ups and downs with anyone in life so you accept your partner and share your emotions and help each other.

2. Stay healthy. Sleep well, eat well and do some exercise. Three simple and golden rules that will help manage your stress and disappointment of not being pregnant. Follow these golden rules rigorously.

3. Produce a positive energy within yourself – focusing on your dreams and goals: Stay focused on what you’re doing is the best for yourself. Work for your passion not only for bread and butter. When you start enjoying what you’re doing, it will take you to the right direction your career. To balance your life and not feel completely destroyed or disappointed if you’re unable to conceive, find a way to follow your other dreams. If you don’t have other dreams, then create some. Keep your spirits high always, don’t let the feeling of infertility be dominant over you.

4. Positive language: Even if you’ve been told there are few chances of your fertility, avoid using negative language and thinking. Instead of saying I am a failure, I cannot be pregnant. Say like I am trying my level best.

5. Sex without a pressure of being conceived: Remember, if you keep thinking to get conceived, then you would be unable to have fun. You and your partner need couple time that doesn’t involve talk of fertility. Plan dates together, have a great time. Sex would only reduce stress if it is not being done for the pressure of being conceived. Infertility will turn your sex to merely a chore that can never make you feel happy or romantic. When the sexual relationship breaks down, all other parts of relationship may soon follow. It is important to give time to your relationship and value that relationship rather than thinking of not being pregnant.

6. Take a break – Use Spiritual Mantra: If you have been trying without success. Without being disappointed, take a break and join a support group. The support group can also be a spiritual and peaceful environment where you can meditate and spend some time in relaxation. One of my friend, Alia, took a two-year break in the middle of trying to get pregnant. It made a huge difference. It gave her the time she needed to regaining her confidence and trying with full energy again.

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