Grocery Shopping on a Low Carb Diet

Grocery Shopping on a Low Carb Diet

Low carb diet and choosing the right products from grocery shop is the right approach. Did you know that over 75% of the foods that are sold in standard grocery stores today are considered unhealthy? All of those isles that are in between the produce on one end and the juices and milk on the other are a major pitfall for most shoppers and they don’t even know it.

Here’s a little peace of advice: Pick up something and read the ingredients – the more words that you find that you cannot pronounce then the less it belongs in your cart. Unfortunately, you have very few options where to shop for certain foods.

Grocery Shopping on a Low Carb Diet
Grocery Shopping on a Low Carb Diet

Below is a small list of suggestions to help make your grocery store shopping a bit more healthy:

  1. When choosing peanut butter try to look for brands that come as close to only ‘salt and peanuts’ as their ingredients as possible. There are some brands of peanut butter that contain hydrogenated oils and that is a big no no. Hydrogenated oils are trans fatty acids that are a threat to health of your heart.
  2. If you are purchasing canned soups then read the labels carefully. Most canned soups are known to be extremely high in both sodium and fat. If a label boasts of “low fat” then you may be tricked into picking up that can but chances are that it is very high in salt. Look for soups with less than 400mg – 500mg of sodium and as near zero grams of fat as possible.
  3. Canned fruits are a fun snack and they are healthy so long as you purchase brands that are in very light syrup or stored in their own juice. And avoid canned fruits that are not 100% juice. Lastly, try to find canned fruits that are fortified with vitamin C and calcium.

Those were just a few examples of the food choices that you can sift through to get the best out of your grocery shopping.

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