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Cholesterol Drug Risks

When it comes to treating high cholesterol, you are often prescribed certain drugs by your doctors. These are called statin drugs. The statins are a specific class of drugs, which are more formally referred to as pharmaceuticals, and are used to reduce cholesterol levels. There are many accusations that are made against the use of statin drug risks and some of these risks include: peripheral neuropathy, muscle damage, elevated liver enzyme indices, plasma fibrinogen levels and including kidney damage. You must remember however that these are only allegations at this point and not set in stone.

Some studies have been made in this area. The medical community as a whole has yet to make any definitive judgment on the allegations that are not fully corroborated studies. Some of the common complaints of side effects include memory loss, personality changes, irritability and muscle pain. These are not occurring to all who take them, but they are occurring.

Statin drug dangers in the United States are all due to the seven statin drugs on the market. There are those that are in the fermentation group which are lovastatin, pravastatin and simvastatin. Next there are those that are in the synthetic group which are atorvastatin, fluvastatin, rusovastatin and cerivastatin. Some of the brand names of these same drugs are: Zocor, Lipitor and Pravachol. Those in the fermentation group seem to be more effective in lowering LDL levels.

Without question there have been a number of deaths that have been related to the use statin drugs. Separating them however, is in part a job for the experts and in part a challenge that is actually caused by the experts. With you now knowing this, you must do more than simply read what the media reports on the deaths that are related to any specific medication. The media are journalists and newscasters and it is not their job to diagnose the causes of deaths.. They are not medical specialists either and are therefore not equipped to do so. To better understand the real statin drug dangers and the implications for you, consult your physician and assess the chances of these major side effects.

If you do feel that you would benefit from using any of the drugs mentioned here for controlling your cholesterol levels, your doctor is your first place to go. If your doctor gives you the ok, you should then follow the instructions to the letter. Misusing your medication can be fatal. You should also keep following your diet and exercise plan because the drugs can only do so much to help you. In the end, you have to help yourself too.

Cholesterol Drug Risks
Cholesterol Drug Risks

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