Benefits of Raw Food Diet

Benefits of Raw Food Diet

A raw food diet may seem like a lot of work for benefits that can be obtained with other diets, but there are many reasons why raw foodists eat raw foods. Believers in the raw or living food diets follow their diet because they believe it causes:

1. Raw Food Benefits

  • improved health – lower risk of heart disease, probably due to the raw food diet’s lack of trans fats
  • weight loss – in some people, weight loss has been rather dramatic
  • improved digestion – in any diet with a high fiber content, you should see improved digestion
  • improvements in appearance of skin – this is different in everybody, but a diet low in fats and oils may produce better skin appearance
  • increases in energy levels – again, this is different in different individuals, many individuals will feel increased energy levels when pursuing any health benefit

2. More Nutritional Value

It is also believed that cooking, freezing or processing foods destroys vitamins and minerals and causes food to become harder to digest. Some have said that partially digested fats, proteins, and carbohydrates clog up the digestive system and arteries, and while this may cause images of partially digested food stuck in various vessels of our bodies, it is important to remember that while cholesterol can build up in our bodies and end up stored in our arteries if too much HDL is present, it is also essential for our nervous system. Some fat is necessary, and it is possible to get that fat in a variety of ways. Undigested proteins and carbohydrates simply pass through our body. If they are digested and unused, they convert to stored energy as fat tissues. However, raw foods may be an advantage, especially in weight loss, because it is rare for a raw foodist to eat more calories than they can use, and so there are no extra proteins and carbohydrates going into the body to be converted into fat rather than to be used as proteins.

Benefits of Raw Food Diet
Benefits of Raw Food Diet

3. Raw Food helps Digestive System

Raw foodists also believe that raw foods contain enzymes which act as catalysts to the digestion of food, and processing the food by cooking or freezing the food destroys the enzymes. Raw food contains bacteria which also aids the digestive system, while stimulating the nervous system. Raw food is thought to be less toxic and more easily digested. It is also believed that raw food contains more vitamins and minerals than cooked, frozen, or canned foods.

4. Better for Environment

Raw food living is also better for the environment, as no animal products are consumed and less electricity is used if you don’t cook or freeze your food. Many raw foodists also eat primarily organic foods, which use no pesticides and are therefore better for the environment and for the eater.

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