Information Related Medical Interventions for Parents of Autistic (ASD) Children

Information Related Medical Interventions for Parents of Autistic (ASD) Children

I have seen many parents do not have any idea how to treat their autistic children and this thing is really painful for them because they are not aware of what the disorder. is and how to deal with their autistic children. They must consult the doctors and ask about the disorder and they must get the knowledge related to the disorder and its treatment.

This is surely very painful and heartbreaking for the parents who receive the label of parents of an Autistic child. It is really painful for all the parents and also for me when we heard from the doctors that “there is nothing we can do”.
There are many children having the autism but their symptoms are like normal medical symptoms like allergies, rashes, gut problem and other, so it is difficult for a doctor to figure out the autism disorder. In order to treat the autism disorder, there are many treatments available to make it possible for the patient to survive his/her life but this disorder cannot be finished.

Information Related Medical Interventions for Parents of Autistic (ASD) Children
Information Related Medical Interventions for Parents of Autistic (ASD) Children

There are many families looking for the biomedical and alternative treatments for the disorder. By doing proper treatment the child will surely get recover and for that, you need complete treatment. This is because of continuous treatments through traditional therapies and biomedical inventions.

There are many parents looking for the medical treatment for some major issues that includes severe sleep disturbance, lack of sleep, disorders of the extra gut, yeast overgrowth, viruses, bacteria attack, extreme allergy from food and environment, dark eye circles, rashes and behavior issues etc.

There are many parents want to know the treatments for physical as well as behavioral problems and they want to have knowledge related to that as well. In terms of treatment parents and their efforts play a vital role in making their children a normal person.

A Guide for Medical Innervations for ASD

I did not know what the ASD is and how to treat it and I have started working on it and trying to know by going through different platforms and website to gain knowledge about it. Now I think it is important to give awareness to all those parents who are unaware of the basic treatments.

When going through the treatments the level of disorder in an autistic child will decrease and this will also help in making the behavioral issue normal and the label of autism will not be highlighted. There are some of the conditions in which it is compulsory to treat your child seriously. These are known as the comorbid disorders.

  • Seizures
  • Disorder of brain and blood
  • Mitochondrial disease or dysfunction
  • Defects of myth elation.
  • Issues of detoxification and heavy metal toxicity
  • Virus of Persistent measles
  • Defects of Serotonin
  • Defect of Melatonin
  • Omega-3 deficiency
  • Dopamine receptor issues
  • Allergies

Dietary Interventions

The dietary treatment is working best in terms of treating the autism and that is how the rate of improvement has increased a lot. By using this treatment the therapies are working much better. But you firstly have to follow the diet plan of GFCFSF and if the patient will not use it so the doctors do not treat them.

Allergy Treatments

Due to the weak immune system, most of the ASD faces the allergy problems. To assess the allergy severity there are two different tests that are required which are lgE and lgG. Lge is to figure out the allergy reactions on physical like redness, swelling, rash, and hives etc. While the lgG is for the immune allergy assessment that is more on behavior, illnesses and it is due to the suppression of immune system.

Vitamins Minerals and Supplements for the ASD:

It is very important for an ASD person to use the vitamins and minerals. No age restriction is needed but they must take the supplements on regular basis. The intake of vitamins and minerals plays a key role in the treatment and betterment of an autism disorder. Following are some of the important and most useful vitamins, minerals supplements are mentioned as under.


If the child is on a dairy free diet so in that case, it is important to give a separate supplement because there is not enough calcium in the multivitamin.


By using this supplement you will increase the glutathione and the production of speech will get better.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFAs), Omegas 3 and 6 (DHA, EPA)

It helps in the development of the brain and also helps in relieving the depression.

Folic Acids

This helps in releasing the stress, glutathione, and methylation.


The intake of iron is needed if the test shows the deficiency.


These acids are for the anxiety and sleep.


This helps in gut function and improving the immune system.

Vitamin A

It helps in suppressing the viruses and also aids the thyroid, It is only found in the cod liver oil. If your doctor has prescribed with high does so take it with vitamin K.

Vitamin B6

This is commonly used for the ASD patients.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E

It is basically to aid the detoxification and immune system.

Vitamin D3

This is for calcium absorption, it is anti-inflammatory and boost up the immune system.

Vitamin K

This should be used with Vitamin A if the high dose is recommended.


Zinc improves the immune system and it also helps in stimulating the appetites

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT):

This treatment is especially for reducing the inflammation, increases the blood flow in the body and helps in regenerating the tissues in the body. This HBOT treatment can easily be done at home.

Yeast Treatment

The overgrowth of yeast is the very common problem in ASD patients. It is basically a product of the weak immune system. The medications of anti-fungal help in killing the yeast. Reducing the carbohydrates in your diet is the best treatment for preventing the yeast problem.

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