Common Problems During Breastfeeding Faced by Mother

Common Problems During Breastfeeding Faced by Mother

Breastfeeding is natural. You don’t need to learn it. but you may face a few challenges along the way which can also compel mom to start with formula feeding. You can see many women who face problems during breastfeeding, but it does not mean that they stop breastfeeding their babies instead they try different positions or remedies to address such issues since they know the importance of breastfeeding over formula feeding. We’ll discuss important issues that most of the women encounter and also will provide the solution.

Common Problems During Breastfeeding Faced by Mother
Common Problems During Breastfeeding Faced by Mother

1. Sore nipples or nipple Trauma

When the mother starts feeding their babies they feel pain in the beginning and feel a little discomfort while feeding. This pain and discomfort is normal and happens to mothers. The thing which is not considered as normal is the sore or damaged nipples and albeit commonly. Feeling pain during breastfeeding is the trauma of nipples and this trauma is caused due to an improper direction of feeding and inappropriate latch on.

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2. Nipple Infection caused by Staphylococcus aureus

The secondary infection of nipples is very common in breastfeeding mothers. It is mostly caused by Staphylococcus aureus. According to the research, it has been observed that 54% of the feeding mothers have cracks on their nipples. In this case, the infection is also suspected and the therapy and treatment are also available. 25% of mothers have nipples infection is basically caused by S aureus.

3. Baby fall asleep While Breastfeeding

Waking up the baby while sleeping is not an easy task and especially when they are feeding. This is really common issue for mothers that at the time of feeding after a minute or so the baby mostly go to sleep and they don’t even wake up easily because the best way to make your baby up is to twinkle on their feet.

4. Baby Remains Gulping and Choking while Feeding

There are some babies do not feel that much hungry and the mothers produce more milk than they need. In this case, the baby choking a lot and start gulping. This is sometimes really dangerous because when the milk starts choking it can cause major problems. To equalize the milk flow you must change directions of the baby and give milk from both breasts. Try to have less milk on breast you can also do one thing is that try to increase the time of feeding and

5. Swelling in Breast

Swelling is really a common problem among feeding mothers when the mother does not provide milk to her baby for around three days so the breast start swelling and it causes a lot of problems while feeding and the milk does not come out easily. Soreness and swelling can be worst as well if you will use the intravenous fluids at the time of labor. The best way to prevent the problem is that you can put the cabbage leaves around your breast and it will help in preventing the swelling.

6. Cracks in Nipples

If anyone is facing these crack problems in nipples so this is not normal you must consult your doctor this is not a simple issue. In this case, the mothers firstly try to improve the latching of their babies and if it does not work than you musty dry a substitute way and try to consult your doctor and ask her for better postures fire feeding your baby.

7. Have a Tender in your Breast

It can be a plugged duck and the problem of tender in the breast can also be resolved. It can create a problem in feeding the baby. But there is a solution to this problem as well and that is you can put the face of the baby with the tender area so the face will slowly give a message to the tender are and the flow of milk will get better.

8. Baby Spit a lot During feeding

There are some babies who spit the milk out and they do not drink complete milk which they need. Try to change the direction of your baby. Hopefully, it will work. And if the baby is spitting all the time during feeding and does not gain weight so it is better to consult your doctor.

9. Breast are not getting full for Feeding

This normally happens that the nursing mother faces such problems. If you feel that you are not having enough milk in your breast so you must eat those things that will produce more milk and you can easily nurse the baby. Try to eat food that is made by milk and helps in producing milk. Make sure the milk does not flow until you start nursing your baby.

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Breast are not getting full for Feeding
Breast are not getting full for Feeding

10. Ouch… My kid is Biting my Breast

Mostly the babies during feeding block their nose because they are very close to the breast and they want to breathe by using their mouth. While nursing you must keep in mind that when the baby pulls his tongue back and wish to breathe so you can create a little gap between your baby and breast so the baby can easily breathe and does not bite the breast as well.

So these were really common problems which happen with most of the mothers during feeding and there are solutions to these problems. For new mothers having their first babies, this article will be a great helping hand for them and they can easily get rid of the problem by knowing their solutions. So are you ready to nurse your baby??

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My kid is Biting my Breast
My kid is Biting my Breast

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