1. How to Overcome Sore Nipples – Breastfeeding Challenge 1

If you have sore nipples you are more likely to postpone feedings because of the pain, but this can lead to your breasts becoming overly full or engorged, which can then lead to plugged milk ducts in the breast. Read More

2. Normal Fullness versus Engorgement – Sore Breasts Challenge 2

A breastfeeding mother usually feels a normal fullness (slight heaviness that is not painful) in her breasts, especially in the first couple of days when her milk comes in. Read More

3. Plugged Ducts versus Breast Infection – Mastitis Breastfeeding Challenge 3

It is common for many women to have a plugged duct in breast during the period she breastfeeds. A plugged milk duct feels tender, sore, or like a lump in breast. Read More

4. Tips to overcome Thrush (Yeast) – Breastfeeding Challenge 4

Thrush (yeast) is a fungal infection on your nipples or in your breast because it thrives on milk. The infection is an overgrowth of the candida organism. Read More

5. How to solve Nursing Strike – Breastfeeding Challenge 5

A nursing strike is when your baby has been nursing well for months, then suddenly loses interest in breastfeeding and begins to refuse the breast. Read More

Breastfeeding Challenges
Breastfeeding Challenges